Monday, April 16, 2012

Blake turns one!

I know I am pathetic, one year later here is an update, Blake will be one on May 6th!

Coloring Easter eggs and Our Flight to Utah!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blake's first photo shoot.

Blake Norman Russell

Born on May 7th 2011 Weighed 8 pounds 11 Ounces and 21 1/2 inches long and a head full of hair!
So here is the story, I decide to be induced because my mom had her flight scheduled and I didn't want to chance not having him here when she got here, so we went in day early.
We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 a.m. I was put on pitocin the minute I got there and was on it all day...till about 4:30. My doctor had some emergency patients come in, So I was put on the back burner...not very fun.
He broke my water at 4:30, received an epidural about an hour later...then I could relax.
The Epidural was too good when it came time to push I couldn't feel anything, let alone pick up my fluid filled legs they were so heavy. Pushed with the nurses for a long time.
Then Dr. MCcracken comes in and tells us he is face up and that is probably why things aren't happening as fast. I was tired, pushed for a little bit longer and out comes Blake leaving me with only needing one stitch! I was thrilled!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter, Clifford and Final Days of Pregnancy!

Well we have enjoyed the last couple of weeks,
My girlfriends threw me a shower and I had a great time getting everyone's top three clean products, well I asked but I am sure they all thought I was crazy but I have a fetish lately on trying to find the best, quickest most effective way to clean. So we had fun and I got some great ideas to try.

I came home with a balloon that Alivia wouldn't put down anytime she saw it she wanted to hold it, not tied to her wrist...and then she would let go and want it. Finally it had to go. It was really cute at first though.

Then we attended an Easter Egg hunt that was alot of fun Alivia would occasionally take her eggs and put them in other peoples baskets it was really cute.

Easter morning Alivia received her Easter basket and she was thrilled with it...I put the candy back into our stash...she doesn't need alot at this age right? I have turned into one of those moms that don’t let her eat that crap...but I get to eat it.

Clifford- I was so excited to take her to see Clifford because I knew she wouldn't be scared, she was thrilled wouldn't let me take her back, you would think I was abusing her the way she was hanging on him. I just wish I could of taken pictures of the Easter Bunny at the mall, they charge $ 18.00 for one picture and I wasn't going to pay that much. But she was the same way with the Easter Bunny just thrilled.

I am due to have Blake next week, I am both excited and sad my just girl days with Alivia are coming to an end. Will post pictures of new baby next week!

We hope everyone is doing well and we love you!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where does the time go?

Well, I have been horrible for keeping up on pictures, milestones, and keeping family and friends informed on what we have been doing.

Alivia is getting so big and saying more and more every day my favorite word right now is Thank you, it is too cute! She loves to go down slides by herself and loves loves her books, don't you love this picture below where she put her books all over my couch, I thought it was cute. :). She has been busy learning new things and loves her puppy Sawyer so much!

Blake is on his way due on May 7Th. I can't believe it. I am excited and feeling bad for Alivia already. I hope I can juggle two kids as well as other people can.
This pregnancy has gone pretty well, I can't complain. But I am feeling huge and swelling a lot more! He is bigger then Alivia, Maybe he will sleep wonderfully because he is :) I could only hope.

Our home will begin tomorrow so that will keep us busy along with our new family arrangements! We are excited and feel extremely blessed to have such good news going on. Blake will only have to sleep in the bathroom till the fall:) Poor guy at least it will be plenty dark and have a personal noise machine to help with the noise.

I hope everyone is going well and know that we love all of you! Ashley

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alivia's first day of Nursery!

I couldn't wait for this day! She did awesome! We'll see how she does when the newness wears off! But it was so nice not to have to wrestle her in primary!

Alivia's first ride with Dad

This is Alivia's first ride with Dad, she was mostly interested in the buttons!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our house sold!

We will be building on this lot over the next few months, But what I was really excited about is the fact we don't have to move into an apartment the buyer is letting us rent back! What a huge blessing for us given I only have 9 weeks left!

Valentine's Day!

Well, I have been horrible at taking pictures since Christmas, but I snagged this cute one of Alivia with her daddy on V-Day. Alivia is growing up so fast! Next week will be her first time in nursery at church and she is getting quiet the personality! She is such a joy in our lives!